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End dateProject title
30/06/2024 Evaluation of "CRIS -Cooperate, Reach Out, Integrate Services" project
31/01/2024 PA educational inequality
31/12/2023 Civil Roma Monitoring on the implementation of national Roma inclusion strategies 2021
31/12/2022 Creating socially balanced kindergarten districts in the 8th district of Budapest
30/12/2022 Mapping services for Ukrainian refugee children in Hungary
04/03/2022 Mapping PES responses to labour market discrimination
28/02/2022 Measuring discrimination against the Roma in public services
30/10/2021 What can help Hungarian local authorities to develop well-functioning social housing agencies?
15/09/2021 Evaluation of the Advocacy Coalition Pilot Programme of the Polgár Foundation for Equal Opportunities
30/08/2021 Assessment of inclusive entrepreneurship policies in Hungary
31/12/2020 Developing services to open eyes and career opportunities for low skilled Roma youth
20/05/2020 Evaluating the ESF Social Inclusion Thematic Objective in Hungary
31/12/2019 Facilitating access to and take up of Youth Guarantee measures by young Roma in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania
30/08/2019 Evaluation of innovative employment programmes for Roma in six Eastern European countries
01/08/2019 Monitoring and evaluation of complex housing and employment services in the Visegrad countries
30/06/2019 Capacity-building for Roma civil society and strengthening its role in the monitoring of National Roma Integration Strategies
20/01/2018 The role of PES in outreach to the inactive population
01/10/2017 Local engagement in Roma integration
15/06/2017 Improving childcare policies in the CEE/CIS region
31/12/2016 Mapping and sensitisation training to fight stereotypes about Roma people – A corporate pilot project
30/11/2016 Administrative costs of imprisonment due to non-payment of regulatory offense fines
30/10/2016 Designing the monitoring system of a mentoring programme
15/08/2016 PES practices for activating vulnerable jobseekers
30/04/2016 Social Labyrinth - visualising social dilemma and stereotypes on Roma integration
31/10/2015 Extremism and its revival in public debate and political movements in Central Europe
01/08/2015 The role of vocational education and training in reducing school drop-out rates
31/07/2013 Evaluation of the Roma inclusion impact of two mainstream EU funded employment programmes
31/12/2011 Evaluation of a microcredit programme in Hungary ('Kiút' programme)
30/04/2011 The role of the Roma Education Fund in the European Roma policy space
30/04/2011 Roma integration in the European Union and in Hungary
03/03/2010 Equal opportunity and integration in public education - evaluation of the SROP 331 project