BI background

The Budapest Institute was founded in November 2008 as a partnership of young economists and political scientists sharing theoretical and hands-on experience in research and government administration. The Institute produces independent research and analysis to support policymaking, -tracking and -evaluation. The Budapest Institute has a double mission. First, to contribute to public policy making grounded in research evidence that would benefit both Hungary and Europe and secondly, to promote the evidence-based approach in public discourse and policy debate. The Institute operates primarily in the areas of employment and social policy, Roma integration, education policy, the business environment and good governance.

The founding partners were Zsombor Cseres-GergelyPetra ReszketőÁgota Scharle and Balázs Váradi. In 2020, Judit Krekó became a co-owner while Zsombor Cseres-Gergely sold his share of the company.

Our staff includes economists and public policy analysts. We also take on interns on a regular basis and are proud to have had many talented students of CEU and Eltecon work for us during the summer or for a longer period.