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Monitoring and evaluation of complex housing and employment services in the Visegrad countries

The Goal of HomeLab – Integrated Housing and Labour Services in the Social Rental Enterprise model – project is to promote the social and labour market integration of vulnerable groups through the horizontal integration of individualised case handling in employment, housing and social support, through the Social Rental Enterprise  model. This model will be set up by five organisations in eight locations in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia. These  four countries are characterised by extremely low levels of internal housing and labour mobility, and high rates of material deprivation in EU comparison.

The project’s direct objective is to develop and refine the Social Rental Enterprise (SRE) model with the aim to provide adequate and sustainable housing tenure and solid labour market integration options for vulnerable people, and facilitate labour mobility for low income persons whose main obstacle of labour market integration is the lack of a decent housing solution near well-functioning job markets.

The project is coordinated by the Metropolitan Research Institute. The role of Budapest Institute in this project is mainly the development of methodological guidance for the project partners in order to ensure the even quality of implementation and evaluation. BI oversees and coordinates (together with MRI) the evaluation and monitoring activities of all pilot projects, as well as assisting MRI in the monitoring of the Hungarian pilot projects.  Moreover, BI contributes to scientific reporting towards the European Commission, most importantly by carrying out the quantitative evaluation of the project for the final report of HomeLab and also contributes to the international dissemination of the HomeLab project. For further information please visit the project website:

Project details
ClientEuropean Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion
Project leader Márton Csillag
Duration01/08/2016 - 01/08/2019