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Evaluation of a microcredit programme in Hungary ('Kiút' programme)

In June 2011 the Polgár Foundation commissioned the Budapest Institute to carry out the evaluation of the pilot microcredit program (Kiútprogramme). On one hand we analysed the relevance and the internal consistency of the initiative (quasi ex ante evaluation). On the other hand, given the timing of the project, the fact that the program was still in progress we could not avoid some mid-term assessment (classic ongoing evaluation). This latter approach focused on the review of the adequacy and consistency of the program implementation. Aside from summarising domestic and international experiences, and analysing the available monitoring data  we have also conducted interviews with program sponsors, management, field staff, clientele, and some experts from the field.

The evaluation project concluded with strategic and policy recommendations, which we hope to be useful for both the sponsors and managers of the Kiútprogramme or any future programme, and the governemnt decision-makers in Hungary.

Project details
ClientKiútprogram Zrt.
Project leader Petra Edina Reszkető
Duration27/01/2011 - 31/12/2011
study Kiút Programme evaluation (in Hungarian)
study Kiút Programme evaluation
summary Kiút Programme evaluation (in Hungarian)
summary Kiút Programme evaluation
presentation Kiút Programme evaluation