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Events dateEvents title
08/12/2022 Workshop on basic skills of the working age population in Hungary
02/06/2022 Local cooperation for reaching NEET - practical lessons of an experiment
12/05/2022 Impact evaluations of ALMP for youth – international research seminar in Budapest
10/11/2020 How can young Roma people be supported in finding employment? – a webinar about the lessons of a mentor programme
30/10/2019 Mind the Gap! - Regional conference and workshop
29/05/2019 Youth PartnerSHIP project launch event
08/03/2018 Integrated social services for activating minimum income recipients: success factors and reform pathways
26/10/2017 “Civic Participation, Data Visualization and Local Government” International Conference
21/09/2017 Access to anonymised administrative data for the purposes of research and policy analysis
07/04/2017 Workshop on the labour market consequences of gender segregation in vocational education
10/05/2016 How does poverty limit one's opportunities? Who manages to get out of it?
30/09/2015 How to increase daycare capacities? Czech and Hungarian plans and practices
23/04/2015 Workshop on participatory action research
26/11/2014 Public works and services for the long-term unemployed
29/10/2014 Training and Support Session on Policy Impact Assessment
11/06/2014 V4 workshop on long-term unemployment
17/04/2014 V4 workshop on education policy
06/03/2014 Regional workshop on Roma integration
19/02/2014 Infosession on Social Policy Experimentation
08/05/2013 International expert meeting on innovative social services
11/04/2012 In search of one million lost jobs
30/03/2012 The impact of day care services for children in the Visegrad countries (new research)
16/02/2012 The transparency and accountability of public procurement in V4 countries
23/09/2011 Employment policy in Hungary from 1990 to 2010
20/09/2011 The impact of day care services for children in the Visegrad countries
11/11/2009 Child care services in Visegrad countries