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15/08/2020 Online training course during the Armenian summer school of “Free Citizen” Civic Initiatives Support Center
08/11/2018 A two-day intensive training in public policy analysis
18/07/2016 „Policy Evaluation for Civil Servants and NGO Executives” at Central European University’s Summer School
20/07/2015 Policy design and evaluation course at the Central European University
29/10/2014 Training and Support Session on Policy Impact Assessment
09/12/2013 Topics in Public Policy Design and Evaluation for Economists - ELTECON
02/09/2013 Topics in Public Policy Design and Evaluation for Economists - PPKE
13/04/2013 Transituation - Spring Seminar on the Effects of Post-Socialist Transition in Eastern European Countries
07/03/2012 Talks at the Catholic Social Academy of Austria's study visit to Budapest
02/05/2011 Our money! Visualization of the Hungarian budget
01/04/2011 Visualizing the Hungarian Budget to Rationalize the Public Debate
01/06/2010 Evidence-Based Public Policy Analysis for Central Asia - training in Bishkek
01/09/2009 Public Policy Research Course at Széchenyi István College for Advanced Studies, Budapest