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End dateProject title
31/01/2024 PA educational inequality
31/12/2023 Civil Roma Monitoring on the implementation of national Roma inclusion strategies 2021
30/11/2023 Cost-benefit analysis of the economic benefits of validation
31/12/2022 Creating socially balanced kindergarten districts in the 8th district of Budapest
30/12/2022 Mapping services for Ukrainian refugee children in Hungary
28/02/2022 Measuring discrimination against the Roma in public services
22/11/2021 The effects of COVID-19 on labour market and policy making – the 2021 issue of The Hungarian Labour Market
15/06/2021 Are Central and Eastern European education systems able to adapt to new challenges?
15/05/2021 Skills and labour market outcomes in Hungary: evidence from the PIAAC survey
31/12/2019 Feasibility study for the Józsefváros 0-23 educational programme
30/06/2019 Capacity-building for Roma civil society and strengthening its role in the monitoring of National Roma Integration Strategies
26/11/2018 Young people in education and in the labour market – a book on the Hungarian labour market
30/06/2017 Girls can do it – Supporting non-traditional career choices of women in vocational education
15/06/2017 Improving childcare policies in the CEE/CIS region
31/12/2015 The Effect of a School-leaving Age Rise on the Prevalence of Teenage Fertility
01/08/2015 The role of vocational education and training in reducing school drop-out rates
30/11/2014 Policy workshops for V4 think tanks
30/06/2014 Unit cost calculation methodology and implementation
15/04/2014 Expected effects of regulatory changes on the Hungarian textbook market
31/03/2014 Prevention of early school leaving in Europe
31/07/2013 Evaluation of the Roma inclusion impact of two mainstream EU funded employment programmes
30/04/2013 Education in the service of employability, equity and adaptability
30/04/2012 Evaluation of youth employment in Hungary
16/09/2011 Financing community run schools in Poland
30/04/2011 The role of the Roma Education Fund in the European Roma policy space
30/04/2011 Roma integration in the European Union and in Hungary
03/03/2010 Equal opportunity and integration in public education - evaluation of the SROP 331 project