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How can the rehabilitation of traumatised refugees be made sustainable in Hungary?

We analysed opportunities for the creation of an institution that could provide traumatised refugees and asylum seekers with complex rehabilitation services in Hungary.

As the sustainable operation of such an institution would require a stable legal, institutional and financial background, we made recommendations in these fields and mapped recent changes in the Hungarian legal system that drastically restrict possibilities to gain asylum in the country. We also made recommendations how an ‘ideal’ institution providing complex rehabilitation services should be designed and operated.

During the research project we mapped the relevant literature and conducted 14 semi-structured interviews with Hungarian and international experts. 

Project details
ClientCordelia Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Torture Victims and the Hungarian Helsinki Committee
Project leader Balázs Váradi
Duration01/07/2015 - 10/12/2015
study Rehabilitation and empowerment of torture survivors (in Hungarian)