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Elaboration of a quality index of active labour market policy implementation

In this project, we examined the criteria for assessing the quality of active labour market policy (ALMP) implementation. Based on the selected indicators, we developed a quality index, which allows for a scoring of the implementation of activation strategies in the EU Member States. We constructed rating framework, which gives valid results irrespective of the differences in the (institutional) backgrounds of public employment services (PES) implementing the ALMPs.

The quality index proposed by BI to assess ALMP implementation is composed by five main components:

1. Budget: adequate resources and flexible allocation;

2. Performance monitoring and incentives;

3. Profiling;

4. Segmentation / referral;

5. Range, design and delivery of ALMP measures.

The elaboration of the quality index was partly based on the results of previous surveys conducted with members of the European Network of Public Employment Services.

In a study report also written within this project, BI summarised the empirical and theoretical grounding of constructing an indicator of ALMP quality, detailed the usability and applications of the Quality Index, described the methodology used to generate it, as well as proposed further avenues for enriching the index. 

Project details

The Budapest Institute was commissioned to elaborate a quality index and write a related study report by the EU DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, via the ICON-INSTITUTE. 

ClientICON-INSTITUT Public Sector GmbH
Project leader Ágota Scharle Márton Csillag
Duration09/05/2019 - 31/05/2019