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The price of incarceration

Commissioned by the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, we calculated the per-detainee variable cost of incarceration using data from 2013. The calculation was done within a long-term project of the Helsinki Committee titled as „Promoting the reform of pre-trial detention in Central Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Union (CEE-FSU) countries” supported by the Open Society Foundations. The aim of the study of Budapest Institute was to provide the first marginal cost calculation on Hungarian data, since only average cost data have been available of the cost of incarceration by now. Throughout our analysis we differentiated between pre-trial and convicted detainees.

Project details
ClientHungarian Helsinki Committee
Project leader Balázs Váradi
Duration05/05/2014 - 30/11/2014
study The price of incarceration (in Hungarian)
summary The price of incarceration (summary in Hungarian)
study The cost of detention (summary)
other The price of incarceration (simulation table in Hungarian)