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Measuring undeclared work

The aim of the project was to review currently used indirect measurement methods for undeclared work in the EU. GHK has been contracted by the European Commission (Directorate-General Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities) to deliver a report based on contributions from local experts.

The report includes (1) a systematic review of indirect methods to measure undeclared work and estimates for EU Member States and whether and how such estimates are reflected in the national accounts figures and GDP calculations; (2)  a review of administrative sources of information existing in the Member States that may be used to supplement estimates based on indirect methods; (3) a proposal for a methodology which could be systematically applied at the EU level to obtain comparable estimates of undeclared work in terms of its share in GDP and employment.

The Budapest Institute acted as country expert for Hungary.

The final report is available at the Commission website.

Project details
ClientGHK Consulting, London
Project leader Ágota Scharle
Duration03/04/2009 - 19/12/2009