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Support for the Private Sector Development – Background Study on Governance for Hungary Diagnostics

The Budapest Institute prepared a report for the EBRD on the main governance related issues in Hungary and reasons for their persistence, addressing issues i) at the national and ii) at the corporate levels and explaining the linkages between those two.

The study also described what action has been taken to improve governance related issues and it assessed their success, it analysed to what extent such impediments continue to exist, assessed their impact on the development of i) a competitive and sustainable private sector in Hungary and ii) the effective and efficient operation of state-owned enterprises. It also investigated how any such impediments might be addressed – and provided related policy recommendations to the client.

Project details

The Budapest Institute was commissioned by the EBRD to prepare the study.

Project leader Balázs Váradi
Duration23/09/2019 - 28/02/2020