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Cohesion challenges in Central and Eastern Europe

In this project, BI researchers contribute to a large FP7 research project led by the University of Warsaw.

GRINCOH is an international research project analysing cohesion processes and policies in new Central and Eastern EU Member States. 

The project addresses two issues affecting Central and Eastern European economies: (1) the disjuncture between fast productivity growth and poor performance in developing innovative capacities for longer-term sustainable growth; and (2) the pronounced economic, social and environmental territorial disparities resulting from accelerated growth.

We contribute to two work packages, and within that the following tasks:

- quality of employment policy

- impact of unemployment benefit rules on job search

- labour market exclusion

- family policies

- gender roles

- employment rehabilitation services.

Project details
ClientInstitute of Economics, HAS
Project leader Ágota Scharle
Duration01/03/2012 - 28/02/2015
study Job search and activation policies in Central and Eastern Europe
study Barriers to welfare reform in the CEE
study How can we measure the quality of labour market related decision-making and policy design in CEE?
study Exclusion from the labour market in post-socialist EU member states
study Family policies and female labour force participation in the Visegrád-countries
study Attitudes to gender roles in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland