How can young Roma people be supported in finding employment? – a webinar about the lessons of a mentor programme




Organized by the BAGázs Nonprofit Association (BAGázs Közhasznú Egyesület) and the Budapest Institute, the webinar discussed some of the lessons of a mentoring programme designed to support young Roma people living in a segregated settlement. 

The programme is implemented by Bagázs and combines youth mentoring with the development of employee relations along with the encouragement of the recruitment and retention of Roma youth as employees. 

The 90 minute webinar (click here to watch it in Hungarian) features Emőke Both, the president of BAGázs, Ágota Scharle, senior researcher at the Budapest Institute, Heléna Lakatos, a former mentee, and Hajnalka Rózsás, the retail recruitment manager at TESCO Magyarország. 

The webinar was organised within the framework of the Hopes for Low project, coordinated by the Budapest Institute. The Hopes for Low project was financed by the EU's Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020).


online (webinar)

Coordinator Ágota Scharle