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End dateProject title
30/04/2022 Types of political influence in local governance – international and domestic experiences
30/08/2021 Assessment of inclusive entrepreneurship policies in Hungary
31/12/2020 Business benefits resulting from enhanced civil freedom in the CEE region
31/12/2020 Best-practices for a positive business environment in the OSCE area
30/06/2020 Measuring tax administrative costs and the corresponding business attitudes in Hungary
28/02/2020 Support for the Private Sector Development – Background Study on Governance for Hungary Diagnostics
31/12/2019 Participation in development of the OECD-EC Inclusive Entrepreneurship Portal and Online Toolkit
25/09/2018 Scenario analysis of the environment of Amnesty International in Hungary
30/04/2018 Mapping flexible financial products for the agricultural sector in Hungary
31/03/2017 Interviews for Ecorys on the toxicity of smoke produced by construction products in fires
30/11/2016 The regulatory framework of the manufacturing of construction products in the EU
30/09/2015 Ex post evaluation of financial instruments of the Economic Development Operational Programme
15/06/2015 Inspiring practices in inclusive entrepreneurship policy in Hungary
31/10/2014 Surveying the impact of working time rules
15/04/2014 Competition enhancing effects of the reduction of entry-related administrative burdens
01/04/2013 Impact assessment of an EU-funded measure for SME development
31/12/2012 Developing the local community and economy
31/05/2011 Midterm synthesis evaluation of the Operative Programmes (2007-2013) in Hungary - Business development (quality control)
31/05/2011 Specific analysis of administrative burden in the business sector
01/04/2011 Assessing the strategic importance of business environment development in the Post Lisbon Strategy
29/07/2010 Mid term evaluation of the Economic Competitiveness Operational Programme
01/09/2009 Arguments for a regionally differentiated minimum wage