Visualizing the Hungarian Budget to Rationalize the Public Debate



Start date01/04/2011
End date30/11/2011

The Budapest Institute has been awarded a grant by the Open Society Institute to visualize the central budget of Hungary of the year 2011. The products of the projects shall be an interactive webpage supported by an online database, posters for schools on the visualized budget. It aims to provide detailed and specific information on Hungarian public spending and revenues for the year 2011 in an easy-to-read visual solution.

 In the framework of the project we also organize special workshops and consequently classes for teachers to fine-tune the content and services of the webpage (interactive data search, small assignments, policy narratives) and also to demonstrate the in-built applications. Our aim is to raise awareness of public finances, to dispel false beliefs on public expenditures and thereby to rationalize public debate on Hungarian budget. 

CustomerOpen Society Institute
Coordinator Petra Edina Reszkető