Our money! Visualization of the Hungarian budget



Start date02/05/2011
End date30/12/2011

Despite the fact that government's expenditure and budget is a topic of everyday discussion, not only in political debate and in the media, but in the common, the majority of voters and citizens are not aware of this matter. The lack of a publicly accessible database, which fully contains the expenditures of Hungary, might be the major cause.

Budapest Institute undertook to provide information about spending tax revenues, by showing goverment's expenditures in a new, visual way.

Our project's goal is to present Hungary's expenditures in a simple, straightforward way for every inquisitive citizen. For this purpose we created www.amipenzunk.hu, an interactive website, where publication of raw data can be found along with analysis and playful applications, which help to navigate in the website.

The project primarily aims two groups, high school students and their teachers, and also the press. We composed some analysis especially for journalists, which help to show the relationship between certain categories of expenditure, as well as, understanding the domestic and international consequences of forming the budget. We want to support and feed the curiosity of inquiring high school students, and their teacher's work, with accessible educational documents, an illustrative poster showing Hungary's expenditures of 2011, and little applications as well.

CustomerOpen Society Institute
Coordinator Petra Edina Reszkető