Public Policy Research Course at Széchenyi István College for Advanced Studies, Budapest



Start date01/09/2009
End date30/06/2010

Széchenyi College for Advanced Studies, Budapest, to offer students a year-long research-oriented course on topics in public policy. The course took place during the academic year 2009/2010. Students could choose the specific industries of their interest. They were taught a crash course in public policy analysis, especially evaluation by the two Budapest Institute policy experts and they could also meet a key ex-politician active in policy formation in their field.

During the spring semester, the course focussed on helping students write a good student research paper. One of the papers written for the course won a prize in a university competition, and another was successfully defended as an undergraduate thesis at Corvinus University. 

CustomerSzéchenyi István College for Advanced Studies
Coordinator Balázs Váradi