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Specific analysis of administrative burden in the business sector

In this project, supported by the Centre of Competition Culture of Hungarian Competition Authority, we make a specific analysis of administrative charges of Hungarian enterprises (divided by size and sector), explore the competition policies connected with them and make some recommendations. 

The aim of the study is to separate the administrative charges appearing when a company joins the market and the charges encumber those who has been in the market already, and the identification of the restrictive effect of these charges.

Within this research we identify the sectors with big administrative costs with the help of Hungarian database (NGM, 2009) and the data of international, comparing analysis, after that we make interviews in the chosen sectors. The aim of the survey based on companies was to identify the sector specific reasons explaining very big charges, and explore the factors behind. The research was closed in April, 2011. The close study was published in the series of Law Working Paper of Pázmány Péter University (2012/27) too.

Project details
ClientHungarian Competition Authority
Project leader Petra Edina Reszkető
Duration01/02/2010 - 31/05/2011
study Administrative burden affecting enterprises, implications for competition policy (in Hungarian)
Analysis of aministrative burdens (summary of interviews in Hungarian)
Small- and large-scale entrepreneurship (presentation in Hungarian)