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Workshops on the long-term aspects of energy security in Hungary and the region

BI partner Balázs Váradi has been asked to join a working group on the supply security of Hungary. Hungary’s dependence on Russian gas supplies via Ukraine became common knowledge. The solution in public discourse is narrowed down to two pipelines: Nabucco vs. South Stream.

The working group addresses such questions as: what is the biggest supply security risk of Hungary indeed? Is it political, economic, technological or something else? Is really Nabucco and/or South Stream the best solution to the real supply security problem? The working group aims at identifying the actual supply security risks of Hungary and draw some potential scenarios for the occurrence of any of those risks.

The group would comprise experts from the fields of business, politics, economics and technology. The group would have three meetings and a kick-off meeting during which we would identify the major directions and the methodology of the project.

Project details
ClientCorvinus University of Budapest, Regional Centre for Engergy Policy Research
Project leader Balázs Váradi
Duration06/04/2010 - 31/08/2010