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Designing a minimum income scheme for a Budapest district

Commissioned by the Municipality of Zugló (a district of the city of Budapest), we prepared a proposal for redesigning the municipal system of means tested cash benefits. We sought to create a financially feasible system that does not entail a major overhaul of the existing one but achieves a major step towards a system that is just, well targeted, transparent and also encourages labour market integration.

In 2017, in a second monitoring report we collect and analyse data on the first 2 years of the new system, and we assess its impact on poverty and labour market participation in the district.

Project details
ClientMunicipality of Zugló
Project leader Ágota Scharle
Duration13/02/2015 - 30/09/2017
study Proposal for a minimum income scheme for district XIV of Budapest (in Hungarian)
study Zugló - Second monitoring report (in Hungarian)
summary Second monitoring report on the new minimum income scheme in Zugló