Immigrants do not take our jobs.


Labour market research results seems to contradict claims that immigration would harm the labour market prospects of native workers. 

In our short study we have assessed the findings of the literature on the effects of migration on the labour market outcomes of native workers in Europe. The analysis relies on the empirical research results from the past 15 years and on meta-analyses summarising the results of studies with a broader geographical and temporal scope. The question the report seeks to answer is whether the wages and/or the employment level of natives is affected by migration. Our findings indicate that negative effects are to be expected only in the short-run, and only in the case of certain labour market segments. In the mid-term of 4 to 6 years, however, migration is found to be beneficial for native workers, since their average wage increases – primarily due to occupational upgrading - and employment rate does not decline.

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The effect of migration on the labour market outcome of native workers in Europe (in Hungarian)