Impact evaluations of ALMP for youth – international research seminar in Budapest




This seminar aimed to create a forum for analysts and policy-oriented academic researchers to have an in-depth discussion of the recent evidence on labour market programmes for youth.

The program included two main strands. One focused on lessons for policy design: on what works well, why, and in what institutional context. The other strand focused on data and methodology, especially the potential use of administrative data for counterfactual quantitative evaluations.

Keynote speakers included Jochen Kluve (Head of Evaluation at the KfW Development Bank and Professor of Economics at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Sarah Kups (Economist at the Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs of the OECD) and Anne Lauringson (Labour Market Economist of the same Directorate of the OECD).

Participants represented academic institutions as well as public and private organisations engaged in policy analysis, coming from ten countries (Bg, BiH, Cz, Cr, De, Ee, Hu, Pl, Sk and Si). The country-specific presentations and the discussions which followed them produced a number of insights that could subsequently contribute to improving the effectiveness of active labour market policies.

The policy lessons of the discussions are summarised in a follow-up brief. For further detail on the project, please see: Impact evaluation of youth employment measures

The seminar was implemented within the framework of the Youth Employment PartnerSHIP project, co-financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, under the EEA Youth Employment Fund and the Norwegian Funds. 


Central European University (in person format)

Coordinator Ágota Scharle Márton Csillag