Daycare services in the Visegrad countries

As part of a project supported by the Visegrad Fund, we held a workshop for researchers of day care services for small children in the Visegrad countries.

Venue: Budapest, V. Nádor utca 7. ("Konferencia terem")


20 September 2011, Tuesday

13.00-13.05 Welcome by Judit Takács, Institute of Sociology

13.05-13.15 Ágota Scharle: Brief introduction on the project and the aims of the workshop

13.15-13.35 Éva Fodor: Making the 'reserve army' visible: lengthy parental leave and women's economic marginalization in Hungary Questions and answers

13.45-14.05 Robert Jahoda: Costs, benefits and the labour supply of Czech mothers with small children Questions and answers

Coffee break

14.40-16.40 What do we know about the impact of daycare services in the Visegrad countries? Reviews by project participants, followed by questions and answers and general discussion

Mariann Dósa (Hungary) Daniel Gerbery (Slovakia) Hana Haskova, Blanka Plasova, Jana Valkova (Czech Republic) Dorota Szelewa and Michal Polakowski (Poland)


21 September 2011, Wednesday

13.00-13.05 Welcome by Ágota Scharle, Budapest Institute

13.05-13.25 Beáta Nagy: On the (seeming) paradox of fertility and female employment Questions and answers

13.35-13.55 Dorottya Szikra: Setting the age limit for kindergarten, or where did we get the “magic 3”? Questions and Answers

Coffee break

14.30-14.50 Hana Haskova: Changes in timing and patterns of Czech mothers´ (re)entry into the labour market Questions and answers

15.00-15.20 Hana Maříková: Parents’ employment in the Czech Republic after 1989 Questions and answers

15.30-15.50 Judit Takács: Unattainable desires? Childbearing capabilities in early 21st century Hungary Questions and answers

16.00-16.30 General discussion and closing