Young entrepreneurs - How to help young people in starting a business and what are the effective policy incentives?


The European Commission and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) announced the launch of the Youth Entrepreneurship Policy Academy (YEPA). This new initiative aims to strengthen youth entrepreneurship policies and programmes by giving platform for knowledge sharing and policy learning among governmental and non-governmental experts from the field both in the EU and OECD countries. 

Petra Reszkető, senior researcher of the Budapest Institute, talks at one of the event panels and highlights why complex and tailor-made support schemes are particularly important for young entrepreneurs. For example, training can mitigate the disadvantages of the lack of education and experience, but needs to be complemented with hands-on mentoring and the development of soft skills. While conditional financial support can help with start-up costs, in the absence of individual/family savings.

The kick-off event can be followed here:

For more information on international good practices of inclusive entrepreneurship policies and on the assessment of the Hungarian policy context, see: