Meeting and workshop of the Youth Employment PartnerSHIP project in Budapest


The second meeting and workshop of the international project Youth Employment PartnerSHIP was held in Budapest on 23-24 May 2019. 

The project leader IBS (Poland) and the project partners, INAPP and CCA from Italy, FEDEA and UPV/EHU from Spain and Budapest Institute (Hungary) reported respectively on the current state of this research which evaluates the efficiency of measures for supporting young unemployed people on the European labor market.

During this 2-day-long meeting there was a discussion among other things of what should be the common definition of NEETs in the project: whether it should correspond to the official EU/Eurostat definition, or whether alternatives ought to be used in the project. This latter seemed potentially useful, as many of the NEETs currently do not want to work (such as mothers of young children) and hence are difficult to target by PES.

Partners agreed that by the end of June, a common concept of NEETs and outreach is to be settled upon; and by the end of July, they prepare a survey that will be conducted in Hungary, Poland and Spain.

The project, which aims to answer the question ’ How effectively are young people supported on the labour market?’ by evaluating employment initiatives targeting youth in Spain, Hungary, Italy and Poland is funded by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment. You can find more information about the project here.