Standing up for the principle of an open and transparent government should be a priority concern of Hungarian politicians


Transparency International Hungary, K-Monitor and, three watchdog associations jointly launched a campaign, which calls on parties and candidates running for office in the 2014 parliamentary elections in Hungary to formally commit themselves to create a more transparent government. Among other individuals and organisations, the Budapest Institute – as an independent think-tank dedicated to support and to promote transparency – also committed itself to participate in this initiative. The project can be supported with electronic signatures on the website of the „Ez a Minimum” campaign.

The initiative lays down six key fields where combating corruption is inevitable in order to develop a transparent, open and accountable state with strong civil participation:

  1. Political party funding
  2. Public procurement projects and fair competition
  3. Asset declaration and conflict of interest
  4. Management of public property
  5. Constitutional convention and legislation
  6. Constitutional state

The Budapest Institute, highly committed to the idea of public availability of data supporting the preparation and evaluation of policy interventions, is also dedicated to the implementation and execution of this initiative.