Success of the 'Our Money!' posters


The posters of the Our Money! project have won the second round of the data visualisation competition organised by the on think tanks British blog. 

The on think tanks British blog aims to bring together policy research think tanks from around the world. The cooperation and knowledge-sharing of such organisations should contribute to more creative, efficient and fruitful project ideas aiming at enhancing and strengthening the quality of policy research in these countries. The current competition wishes to encourage these developing country think tanks to explore alternative methods for communicating research and to promote the development of the skills required to produce them. 

We are glad to announce that, based on the judges' evaluation and on the number of votes submitted, the posters of the 'Our Money!' project won the second round of the on think tanks' international data visualisation competition
We would like to thank you all for the support of our participation in the competition by voting for the posters of the 'Our Money!' project!