How does poverty limit one's opportunities? Who manages to get out of it?




The Budapest Institute organizes a public event covering the topic of stereotypes about poverty and people in disadvantaged situation in Hungary. The main aim of the event is to challenge these stereotypes through an interactive game and a discussion.

At the same time it will also be the closing event of a two-years long project that aims to develop tools that help dissolve fear and prejudice towards people in need, especially Roma, among the non-Roma population. In the first step, we collected the most common stereotypes and misconceptions. In the second step, we have organised facts and arguments related to Roma integration, so that we can replace stereotypes with a clearer and more accurate picture. Finally, we aim to disseminate this more nuanced approach in cooperation with opinion leaders (e.g. with journalists and teachers) to reach a wide audience. The Budapest Institute coordinates this project in partnership with MOME, Roma Press Centre and Romaversitas. The description of the project is available here.

The programme of the event is available here in Hungarian.


Gólya Community Centre

Coordinator Petra Edina Reszkető